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Fund PENCIL’s Proven Results. Each year, PENCIL programs impact nearly 400 New York City public schools with a total annual enrollment of 215,000 students. We rely on the generosity and support of individuals like you to make our work possible.


Increase student achievement & bring us closer to providing every public school student with the education they deserve.

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We offer individuals and corporations a range of benefits that promote recognition, networking opportunities, exclusive access to key leaders and forums on education.

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Each year, PENCIL celebrates the worth of outstanding leaders who have shown tremendous dedication to strengthening our public schools.

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of boys in a PENCIL Partnership at Ebbets Field Middle School in Brooklyn went from being barely proficient in math to one full grade-level ahead

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$5000 Sponsors a Partnership that develops strong school leaders

$1000 Brings career-building enrichment programs to more schools

$500 Allows for after-school program development

$250 Brings specific programs into schools that teach distinct skill sets

Corporate Giving, Stocks, Securities, & Planned Giving

Please contact Jamie Billington at or 212-524-2383.