PENCIL Points: Spring 2012

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PENCIL Points Spring 2012
From the Big Apple to the Windy City: PENCIL Partnership Program Unveiled in Chicago
PENCIL’s affiliate network in Baltimore, Rochester, and Philadelphia all prove that the PENCIL model works. PENCIL—at the forefront of a national movement that engages businesses and school leaders to transform public education—is coming to Chicago, the third-largest school system in the country. Read More
Historic Night, Historic Venue: New York’s Business Leaders, Educators Join Together at PENCIL Gala
PENCIL President Addresses Teacher Attrition and Retention in “The Huffington Post”
Reach 750: New York Businesses Continue to Step Up for Schools
PENCIL’s Second Partnership Workshop Shares Best Practices
Next Stop: Success! PENCIL Closes Out the School Year with Year-End Celebration at 79th Street Boat Basin
3, 2, 1, Liftoff! PENCIL Launches New Website
Year End Celebration PENCIL Partnership Spotlight 2012
Three Inspirational PENCIL Partnerships Honored at the Year-End Celebration
Each of PENCIL’s nearly 400 Partnerships should be commended for the work that they do to transform public education. This June, PENCIL recognizes three special Partnerships that are making a real difference in the lives of students, teachers, principals, and entire communities. Read More
In April, I wrote a piece for The Huffington Post that celebrated the “new volunteerism.” I bring it up now as the school-year ends because, in looking back over the last school-year, I’m reminded of all the ways that everyone involved in PENCIL’s movement uses their individual passion, talent, and skills to help transform our schools, boost student achievement, and recreate entire communities. Read More
Michael Haberman, President's Corner
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