PENCIL Fellows Orientation: “We were all born with greatness, and a purpose to fulfill”

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Ruth PerezLast week, Citigroup, Inc. made an important investment, and we don’t just mean the work that the financial services leader does in retail banking or transaction services.

No, last week Citigroup invested in our future when it hosted the 2012 PENCIL Fellows Orientation. There, nearly 100 high-achieving high school juniors and seniors began their career development program, and participated in seminars on how to dress for success, office technology, and corporate and communications etiquette.

Ruth Perez, a former PENCIL Fellow from the 2010 and 2011 classes, spoke to this year’s class, saying “it’s what you make of this internship that counts. It’s not just a job, or something to put on your résumé, but the opportunity for you to showcase who you are and what you can do. So many times students from public schools are overlooked, and you are a group of select few that can prove the statistics and stereotypes are wrong. You can help create a new path for the generation to come.”


The Fellows also heard from PENCIL Board Member Stephen J. Meringoff, Chairman, Meringoff Properties, Inc. Meringoff founded the PENCIL Fellows Program in 2008, and, at the event, told students to say to themselves “I have the opportunity of a lifetime: I’m a PENCIL Fellow'” and to “grab this opportunity and make the most of it.”

This summer’s PENCIL Fellows will be working at JetBlue Airways, Aureole New York, Skidmore, Owings, & Merill, AlliedTPro, HBO, and other leading firms throughout New York City. We’ll be checking in with several of them throughout the summer to find out about the work that they’re doing, what they’re learning, and how the PENCIL Fellows program is changing them, so stay tuned

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  1. Ana Castillo said on :

    Congratulations to Ruth Perez on her amazing speech I’m blown away by her accomplishments. I’m a fellow classmate from High School and I’m very taken back at the opportunities offered by this program. She is very fortunate to form part of the program but I also want to thank companies like you for putting the opportunities out there. Without you people like us wouldn’t push to make it further in life!

  2. Katherine Rodriguez said on :

    Congratulations to Ruth Perez such a great person and a extremely smart girl. I can honestly say she is one of the few that I’ve met who are out there and making sure she has everything on task,involved in every team,group possible, overcoming all the challenges no matter what and much more. I’m so happy to see her reaching all her goals and definitely aiming for the big ones. I love you and I know you will make it far in life!! Best of luck and keep it up!!!

  3. blebeaux said on :

    Thank you so much Ana and Katherine for sharing your comments and support for Ruth. It was so great having Ruth share her experiences with the Class of 2012! She has such an amazing story, and the kids were really lucky to hear it.

    All the best,

    Ben and the PENCIL Team.

  4. Maxiell Medina said on :

    What an amazing speech by a great friend. She is becoming a role model and a great example, showcasing that hard work does pay off in the long run.

  5. Larissa Assam said on :

    Amazing speech Ruth!! I remember meeting you when you first got to Oswego and I was one of those who was surprised by how many internships you had already done and at fabulous places too !! This speech was very inspirational. For the Pencil interns: Pencil interns make the best of their opportunities and get ahead in life. She’s right !! You will be ahead of your peers when you get to college

  6. Ruth Perez said on :

    Thank you everyone for all the support and kind comments! I really appreciate it!

    It was an honor to speak about my experience to the interns.

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