PENCIL Fellow Shaquan to Cook Up Success at Charlie Palmer’s Aureole New York

06.16.12 | Leave a Comment | Fellows Spotlights
PENCIL Fellow Shaquan

Shaquan, a PENCIL Fellow graduate of a Queens High School, will work in Charlie Palmer’s Aureole New York restaurant this summer.

After 5 AP courses, a 3.5 GPA, and participating in a Culinary Arts Program in his Queens High School, Shaquan knows how to handle the pressure. But he’s still  going to feel the heat this summer working at Charlie Palmer’s Aureole New York.

The restaurant looks sort of delicious; we’d start with the wagyu beef carpaccio, move on to the butter poached Maine lobster, then finish up with a Baked Alaska for old time’s sake. But it’s not like we’ve put a lot of thought into it or anything.

Shaquan will be able to try these dishes and more this summer because Aureole New York is doing what it can to help educate its future workforce, and you can too. No matter where you work or what you do, you can help give a high-performing student just like Shaquan a head-start this summer by signing up to host a PENCIL Fellow this summer.

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