How to Reboot STEM Education

07.06.12 | Leave a Comment | PENCIL News

Recently, Slate‘s readers came up with some exciting ideas to boost Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering (STEM) in our schools.

Teaching STEM today is one of the best ways that we’ll prepare our students to compete in a competitive, global economy. And it’s one of the ways that businesses can really involve themselves with the education of our young people.

Some of Slate’s ideas included:

  • Putting cool engineers and scientists on TV
  • Making science public by bringing it out of the lab and showcasing it–the same way we do for public art
  • Creating better student loans for STEM majors

If your business can help, or if you can think of another way to improve STEM education, then start a PENCIL Partnership today.

Because we need to do a better job of teaching these subjects, and we need to start now: a recent study from the National Assessment of Educational Programs found that only 32% of US eighth-grade students are performing at or above a proficient level in science, and only 2% of eighth graders are performing at an advanced level.

We also have to do a better job of inspiring young women to pursue STEM fields: in 2011, male students outnumbered their female class mates in computer-science courses, and more boys took exams in AP Physics and Calculus, as well as tests in electricity, magnetism, mechanics than girls.

Think you can help a student build the next Google Glass? You can: start a PENCIL Partnership. The work you’ll do with a principal, a teacher, or a student will be nothing short of electrifying.

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