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11.13.11 | 1 Comment | Partnership Spotlights, Video Archive

Dave Barger (Ogilvy Advertisement) After helping a Harlem elementary school achieve an ‘A’ rating from the Department of Education, PENCIL Partner and JetBlue CEO Dave Barger is encouraging Aviation High School to take flight as well. Working with Principal Deno Charalambous, together they are providing internships and giving students an up close look at aviation industry careers. Through a partnership with New York’s hometown airline, this school is helping to create the city’s future leaders. You don’t have to be a CEO to bring real change; you just have to get involved and lend your skills.

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  1. ijette said on :

    Thank you Christopher for sharing your latest post and for highlighting our Board Chair Dave Barger’s dedication to organizations like PENCIL and GenerationOn. Mr. Barger is a tremendous visionary as you rightfully pointed out in your post, and we are indeed very lucky to count him among our supporters committed to helping us transform public education. We look forward to staying in touch and following London in New York!

    Isabelle and the PENCIL team

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