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2014 Fellow & Business Mentor

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Business Mentors like Carolyn Bateman, Meringoff Properties Vice President of Property Management, support New York City students in developing key job skills as part of six-week internships through PENCIL Fellows.

PENCIL's President stands proudly with the 2014 PENCIL Fellows

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Traditional summer jobs may be becoming a thing of the past, but the need for high school students to be ready for college and careers is greater than ever—and it’s no secret that when students are exposed to the workplace, …

PENCIL Fellows Leeza, Justin, and Kristina

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A couple of days into my first week as a PENCIL Fellow, I felt like I had been at PENCIL for years—which I take as a great sign because it means that I have grown very comfortable with the team here. Who would have believed the past six weeks would fly by so fast!

Pierina Ortiz at work

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When you think of summer, “work” is probably not the first word that comes to mind. But over the past six weeks, the high school students in this year’s PENCIL Fellows cohort discovered that learning on the job provided the best summer break in town—a chance to build marketable skills and have fun in the process.

PENCIL Fellows Working Breakfast #2

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How many working professionals find careers related to their college major? This was the prevailing question at the PENCIL Fellows’ second working breakfast this past Tuesday and, according to the 20 plus business volunteers from Estée Lauder, JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, MetLife, CBS News, host company Weil, Gotshal & Manges and more, the answer is, not many! PENCIL Fellows met once again to learn valuable career and life lessons, specifically to discuss how to “Plot Your Path to Success.”

Students at JPMorgan Chase Financial Literacy Workshop

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At the conclusion of my previous post I left off hinting at the JPMorgan Chase Financial Literacy Workshop that I recently attended. This was the first in a series of career readiness workshops that I’ve been attending this summer as part of PENCIL Fellows, a program that includes a paid internship at a leading New York City business and provides public high school juniors and seniors with opportunities to sharpen their skills for the workplace and plot their path for success.


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Ever since I entered high school, I’ve wanted to take control of my own future. That’s why, when my school’s internship coordinator Mr. Faughnan introduced me to PENCIL Fellows, I was determined to get in to build a strong foundation for my future.

PENCIL Fellows Jacques Michael Sylvain, left, and David Dames practice networking.

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If you think academics alone guarantee professional success, think again. That’s what 137 PENCIL Fellows learned at a recent workshop where business leaders shared the importance of building a professional identity and network for career development. “The best in business …

PENCIL Fellows

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It’s a basic business practice: Whether you have a corporation of 100,000 employees or a domain of one, your success largely depends on the ability to set and achieve goals.  As PENCIL Fellows learn the ropes on the job this …

Chase Fellows

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As the adage goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” But PENCIL Fellows earn more than a paycheck during their six-week paid internships: They learn and develop important business skills which will pay dividends throughout their future college and …