We all have the skills, intellectual capital, and insights needed to help schools and students reach their potential. Since 1995, PENCIL has helped leaders discover how they can do just that.

PENCIL's FY 2013 Audited Financial Statements

Audited financial statements from Fiscal Year 2013, as compiled by Schall & Ashenfarb.

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PENCIL's FY 2013 990

PENCIL’s FY 2013 990 form provides important tax information about the organization and its finances.

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2012 Annual Report

At PENCIL, we believe that when we combine the talent, skills and resources of businesses and public schools, our whole society benefits.

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PENCIL's FY 2012 990

PENCIL’s FY 2012 990 form provides important tax information about the organization and its finances.

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PENCIL’s FY 2012 Audited Financial Statements

PENCIL’s FY 2012 audited financial statements provide important information about the organization’s financial strength and stability.

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2011 Annual Report

PENCIL’s programs work at nearly every level in public schools: whether improving a lesson, supporting a teacher, enhancing a classroom, or enriching an entire school; whether providing a means for high school students to gain work experience; or coordinating opportunities for professionals to offer their unique insight, vision, and resources, we understand the profound changes that occur when the best minds in business and education work together.

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2010 Annual Report

We believed that by leveraging the talent, expertise, and resources of New York’s unparalleled private sector, we could better our schools. Sixteen years later our programs have grown and evolved but our mission is the same—and the need to harness the resources and expertise of our extraordinary city for the benefit of our public school students has never been greater.

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