2012 PENCIL Fellows Web Diaries: Rasheen’s Second Entry!

07.18.12 | Leave a Comment | Fellows Spotlights, Video Archive

2012 PENCIL Fellows Web Diaries-RasheenThe 2012 PENCIL Fellows are developing their professional skills at top New York City businesses across the City. And as they continue to grow, we’re following three in the 2012 ┬áPENCIL Fellow Web Diaries!

We caught up with Rasheen this Tuesday and spoke with him about what he’s learning at American Airlines. He loves having an office to work in, and he’s even starting to learn the three-letter codes that designate every airport:

The PENCIL Fellows Program provides high-achieving high school juniors and seniors like Rasheen with the professional skills they need to grow. Future job security and higher salary correlates with teen jobs, so it’s a great way for a company to make an early investment in a kid’s future.

We’ll be featuring even more 2012 PENCIL Fellows Web Diaries, so make sure to follow PENCIL on Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook, or just tune in right here!


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