2012 PENCIL Fellows Web Diaries: Rasheen’s First Entry!

07.11.12 | Leave a Comment | Fellows Spotlights, Video Archive

2012 PENCIL Fellows Web Diaries-RasheenRasheen is really flying high–the recent graduate of Harlem Choir Academy is now working at American Airlines as a PENCIL Fellow!

One of three PENCIL Fellows participating in the 2012 PENCIL Fellows Web Diaries–a  frequently-recurring feature that will highlight our Fellows’ experiences this summer–Rasheen discusses how he wants to mature as an individual and grow professionally this summer. Eventually, Rasheen wants to become a psychiatrist and work with adolescents:

American Airlines is a great place for a young person’s career to get off the ground: the organization and its sister companies serve 260 countries in more than 50 countries, making more than 3,500 flights a day, on average. Something tells us that Rasheen will have plenty to do.

We’ll be featuring even more 2012 PENCIL Fellows Web Diaries, so make sure to tune in right here. You can also follow PENCIL on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook to continue watching our Fellows at work!

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